Feb 13

GEOS Workshop on Digital CV’s and Research Blogs

GEOS Flyer

Apr 12

Walking Tour of the Area, 2010

At 3rd Street and 3rd Avenue, showing Deb Cowen, Mathias Nagalein and Neil Smith (photographer) around in 2010.

Aug 11

Berlin Waterfront Research Group

This photo (taken by Ben Haber) is from the Berlin Summer School exchange program between Humboldt University in Berlin and the CUNY Graduate Center.  My research group (partially shown) compared the Gowanus Canal and Media Spree redevelopment projects.  From the left: Young-Hwan Byun, your’s truly, Mathias Nagalein and researcher who led us on a walk along the Media Spree, Ingo Bader.

Jun 11

Walking Tour with Future Farmers and the Guggenheim

In May of 2011, Neil Smith and I led a walking tour through the Gowanus Canal area.  Here, we are stopped on the Carroll Street Bridge, discussing the production of nature.  This walking tour was part of a Future Farmers exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum, which was accompanied by many “on your feet” trips around the city.

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